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E-XD++ Enterprise Edition -- Product Information

43. Electric Form Solution

E-XD++ is designed to provide a source code library of MFC component for enterprise user in developing applications based on electrical form or extendable input interface. E-XD++ contains all the features provided in XD++ professional edition. It also makes many improvements for user interface, data input, etc. User can put any standard Windows ActiveX to E-XD++'s canvas as input component as required. What's more, the infrastructure of E-XD++ is so flexible that you can modify any part of the canvases, such the components, the properties and the commands, to meet your requirements.

E-XD++ is a professional electronic form design and filling system developed from the ground up for anyone who needs fast, powerful form creation and deployment tools. Form templates designed with EFormDesigner are used to create forms that can be filled out in either EFormReader.

UCanCode electrical form system contains two parts: form designing and form filling. It is developed to provide an extremely cheap solution for people who need to fill forms frequently and repeatedly. User can design form template by using FormDesigner, fill the designed form and print it using FormReader. Also he can send the form using email or some other ways. UCanCode electrical form system provides an easy and extremely cheap electrical form solution for end users.

Basic working mode of eXD++ electric form solution:

FormDesigner-- is used for creating blank form template. With the help of XD++ professional edition, FormDesigner provides many components which can be used directly for form creation. You can use these components for creating basic form template. FormDesigner is designed so that people can design form template easily and quickly. When a form template is created, you can use it in three ways: printing, filling directly, or save it as a .efm file and send it to others so that they can fill and print the form using FormReader.

FormReader-- is an professional independent form filling system. You can download form template designed by Form Designer from anywhere of the world, fill the form using this system, and print the filled form or send it to others by email. Logs for form filling will be saved to database directly, and can be searched later.

What's more, electrical form system can contain single page or multi pages. It can be a SDI application or a MDI application.



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