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Workflow Solution

Coal industry HMI Solution
Instrumentation Gauge Solution

Report Printing Solution
Graphical modeling Solution
GIS mapping solution

Visio graphics solution
Industrial control SCADA &HMI Solution
BPM business process Solution

Industrial monitoring Solution
Flowchart and diagramming Solution
Organization Diagram Solution

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UML drawing editor Source Code
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Architectural Graphic Drawing Solution
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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

UCanCode Consulting Getting your Diagramming off the ground

Custom HMI and SCADA Consulting

Custom CAD and GIS Consulting

Custom Visualization ToolKit Consulting

Custom UML and BPMN Consulting

Custom any features of E-XD++ Consulting...

UCanCode E-XD++ Visualization software allows business application developers to create customizable, interactive displays including diagrams, HMI, GIS, CAD and UML Simulation on C/C++ and .NET platforms. These visualization products include professional tools, customizable components and C/C++ libraries (Ships with Complete C/C++ Source Codes without any saving) which can help to reduce both development time and risk. The graphical interfaces help end users gain a visual and timelier understanding of their data, allowing them to respond to changes faster.

Our consultants are available to help you learn how to integrate UCanCode's products into your applications. Our engineers can perform the entire integration, or they can work side by side with your engineers so that your team builds its expertise in the process. In addition to delivering a state of art visulization tookit, UCanCode Software offers a full range of professional services in the areas of custom HMI, SCADA, GIS, UML, CAD and Visualization application development. UCanCode's team can assist you in a number of ways, from a needs analysis and creating a quick prototye, to developing a complete application framework and integrating it with the production environment, facilitating rapid and cost effective application development.

As we visit with our long-term customers, we often discover that our customer's application integrations overlook basic features and enhancements that our updated and upgraded versions could bring to greatly improve our customer's applications. From this experience, we recommend that our customers consider small consulting projects with UCanCode Software from time to time in order to maximize significant improvements to your applications while minimizing development expense.

This interaction also provides a terrific channel for us to hear about your needs and implement improvements in upcoming versions that would support you further.

Our consulting staff is also available to build extensions to our products in support of your vertical market applications. If you have problems in graph theory, graph layout, or visualization that could benefit from our expertise, our consultants are eager to provide the specialized help you require.

Do you need Consulting...

Because every company has their own unique requirements, ucancode Consulting offers a full range of professional services to help you implement your diagramming requirements. If you simply require our assistance to get your project off the ground, or need our expertise to help create a complete custom diagramming solution, our team of professionals can help you achieve your goals.

By the VC++/MFC/.NET experts

At UCanCode we are very passionate about the Microsoft VC++/MFC/.NET platform. We believe that one of the key benefits of VC++/MFC/.NET is improved programmer productivity. Our goal is to enable even higher productivity than can be achieved with out of the box tools / components.

We start building VC++ /MFC Component since Visual C++ 1.0

As with any system, VC++/MFC/.NET does come with its set of challenges. We believe that ucancode is uniquely equipped to help you meet these challenges and move forward. As a company we have a very unique focus on VC++/MFC/.NET. We believe that VC++/MFC/.NET will dominate all Windows development for the foreseeable future and have therefore focused our undiluted energies towards the full exploitation of this platform.

UCanCode Software develops high quality software solutions that provide software developers with the most up to date tools available today. All source code is supplied and is 100% VC++/MFC compatible and extendable.
Our goal is customer satisfaction, we work hard to ensure our products are fully supported. This includes telephone, email and web based technical support. Our libraries are in use in thousands of companies around the world. Our customers include many governments, research labs, schools and universities, small companies, international corporations, as well as individuals. We have developed libraries for C/C++. Our software design philosophy is that reliability is the foremost requirement followed by minimal complexity. We stand behind our products. 

With the purchase of ucancode E-XD++ Diagrammer Enterprise Edition Suite, you are entitled to up to 10 hours of ucancode Consulting services to get you on your way (contact us for details).

UCanCode Consulting Services is an integral component for: 

  • Customized XD++ OR E-XD++ applications
  • Export any features of E-XD++ to UCCDraw OCX Control.
  • Build a new ActiveX Control that based on any exist samples of E-XD++ for you.
  • Development of Specialized Diagramming solutions.
  • Development of custom Business Charts (Organizational, Flow, etc)
  • Integration services for ucancode Diagram.
  • Extending the functionality/features of ucancode Diagram to meet your needs
  • Add new feature to our product to make it is more easy to use with your project.
  • Customize the exist the UCCDraw's features to meet your project.
  • build some samples more near with your requires.
  • We will ship all the consulting works to you with 100% VC++/.NET Source Codes!
  • Often a company has a development team experienced with writing code, but lacking the personnel with experience in creating graphical displays. We can develop HMI and SCADA displays based on your specifications and with the required dynamic and interactive behavior, allowing your team to concentrate on the application logic while we handle the HMI graphics.
  • Proof of Concept and Application Prototypes
  • Custom Components, Specify Features of E-XD++.
  • Custom Diagram Editor and ShapeDesigner Editor Extensions.
  • Custom Diagramming Editors and Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Custom SVG Extension
  • Custom XML Extension
  • Complete Application Development and Deployment

Free consultation

Discuss your project needs with a UCanCode expert for free. We will help you layout a roadmap for any kind of VC++/MFC/.NET related Windows development work absolutely free of charge. If you decide to let us handle sections of the development work or the whole project we would be happy to do that. If not the roadmap is yours to keep.

Please contact us to setup a free consultation call. Consultation calls normally take 3-5 business days to be finalized.

The opportunities that come with VC++/MFC/.NET are seemingly endless. Let UCanCode help you exploit these to your advantage at the earliest. Contact Us right away.

Visio File Converter Services.
Convert VSD files or Visio XML to E-XD++'s SID file.

Visio File Converter is a consulting service, provided by ucancode software that is available to anyone who uses diagramming software and has a requirement to open Visio (VSD) documents with E-XD++'s shapedesigner. This service have been created because Visio users often want to load their VDX or VSD file into E-XD++'s canvas, They typically send files as VSD documents, often making it difficult to read them by other diagramming software packages.

The service converts files from Visio binary file format VSD into Visio XML files which then have a VDX extension. Drawings you want to convert should be sent as an email attachment to a special email address that is easy to obtain by send email to us.

It is possible to send files for conversion in the form of ZIP or SIT archive packages, also you can send several documents in one letter. The converted file result is delivered back as an email attachment in either ZIP or SIT format.


If you have a requirement for ucancode Consulting, contact us, and let us know about your needs.

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