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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

HMI-SCADA Software Tool SDK for C/C++, Java, C# and Web Source Code 2023

-- Industrial Control \Design and Simulation Integrated Development Platform VC ++ source code solution

"UCanCode Software is a leading provider of HMI & SCADA, CAD, UML, GIS and Data Visualization Graphics for software developers. And we are the only provider that ships with complete C/C++ Source Codes in these fields, all the source codes of our HMI & SCADA Solution are 100% Visual C++/MFC based. And for other platforms or web using, a few activex controls are shipped. And with full edition, all the complete source codes (Includes the source codes of ActiveX Controls, more than 500,000 lines full tested codes) will be shipped, without any saving. It will saves you tons of months for building time.

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Creating Construction Professional HMI, SCADA Visualization Software Solutions is a very hard work, to use E-XD++ source code visualization component library will save you more than 70% of development time. In order to more clearly show how to complete this hard work, we specialize in the original solution carried out detailed development, built on all
HMI, SCADA Process Variable, Screen, Script And other integrated management solution. The solution involves the construction and project management, product release to the final exe file generation and other aspects. Construction Engineering and Management is mainly HMIBuilder to complete the operation and interpretation of the works mainly responsible for the HMIPlayer works.

Interface <HMIBuilder>

HMIBuilder Example:

Player Interface


HMI OCX for VB, C# and .NET platform or web:

The new HMI OCX C# Sample is shipped, this is the OCX Player of HMIBuilder project, you can use HMIBuilder to create HMI Project and then showing it with any .net project (C# Development) or web project, it can be used with any .NET platforms (You can find these samples within file folder: HMI_OCX):

Currently, our HMI & SCADA Soluton ships with the following source code:

1. UCCTouch -- a HMI Project manager that can manage all the projects, you can also use it to create new project.

2. HMIBuilder -- this is the HMI graphics screen designer, you can use it to create hmi project's screen, with line, color, moving, scaling, disable, rotating, animates support, it also support math expression config, and script config. You can also use it to do tootip, get tag, set tag, screen layout and many many other hmi features, almost all the features of other (like intouch, indusoft, wincc etc) HMI application has can be found in our HMIBuilder.

3. HMIPlayer -- this is the hmi palyer for desktop client.

4. HMI OCX -- this is the hmi player for web or other paltform (Java, .net, javascript).

5. ShapeDesigner -- it is used to design hmi graphics components.

All the features of our HMI Solution are designed from start to make everthing can be full customized. And, our license allows you do to that by yourself. Below are the replies for all your questions:

· We need to deliver complete source code of the system to our customer including that of HMI software and any associated libraries and drivers

R. Currently, our license do not allow any our end user to ship any party of our source codes to any other end users. It means, if you want to deliver our source codes to your end user, your end user must purcahse one license from UCanCode Software. But considering your state, we can give you some specify discount.

· We may sell the overall solution to our different customers

R. If you only deliver the prebuild exe or dll to your end user, there will be no limits, but if you want to deliver any party source codes of UCanCode Software, your end user should have the license from UCanCode.

Please recommend which version needs to be purchased for a team of 9-10 developers (E-XD++ HMI & SCADA Advance Enterprise Suite or E-XD++ Ultimate Enterprise Suite?). The recommendation option should cover all required components to cover our requirement mentioned above.

R. Since you need the HMI report and XML Saving and Loading, SVG Importing and Exporting featuresof E-XD++ Suite, so I recommend you to purchase P-UCC800 (E-XD++ Ultimate Enterprise Suite), by default, it includes 3 developers team license, and we will give you some big discount to extend this license up to 9 - 10 or more developers license to your project team.

- Will there be any additional charges for installing the integrated solution to about 50 to 100 sites?

R. There is No royalty or runtime fees... Due to the many and rapid changes in the software industry, and like many other software companies, UCanCode Software has taken the time to modernize its software license agreement to accommodate the needs of its customers. e-xd++ enterprise are shipped with full vc++ source codes ( 100%), and No royalty or untime fees.It means you can freely distribute any application using UCanCode Products without worry, use of the UCanCode Products is royalty free! After your purchase no additional fees are required, you can use the components indefinitely!

- Will the source code purchased include code for all the components including libraries and drivers if any?

R. All the complete source codes of our HMI & SCADA Soluton with the core source codes of our E-XD++ library will be complete shipped, without any saving.

- Can we sell the complete integrated solution that includes UCanCode HMI code to our other customers?

R. Yes, but each your customer should puchase a license of our E-XD++ HMI & SCADA solution for using.

Does UCanCode HMI software use any third party components for which source code is not available?

R. No, UCanCode HMI Software doesn't use any other third party components, and it is full compatible with any other third party components, like BCGSoft or Codejock, etc.

- Does your HMI software provide below features.

o Web Client Support (without having to use ActiveX plugins) covering latest versions of all major browsers like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Safari. With Java script support provided, is it possible to convert the HMI solution into web application

R. Like intouch, wincc or other leading HMI applications, our web client using Activex Control, and with full edition, the source codes of this ActiveX Control is also shipped. I recommend you use our OCX for web using. But if you do not use it, you can develop your own web based HMI Player by reading the source codes of our ActiveX Control. Our HMI Solution can be saving with XML file, your web player can read this XML file for using.

o Integrated environment for alarms, configure devices, tags/points, database logging, users, server and client side scripting support for customization

R. Yes, it has this feature for alarms, tags/points, database saving, and client side scripting features, and all these features can be full customzied. But it doesn't has devices configing feature, you need add that by yourself.

o HMI graphical editor - Drag & Drop feature with no or minimal code changes for customized screens, configure animations based on real time data, animations for Bar (Level), Color, Rotate, Opacity, Slider, Tooltip, Script, Get Tag, Set Tag and many others

R. Yes, it has these features.

o Database support - Which DB connectivity is supported

R. It use Microsoft Access DB by default, you can customize it to other database.

o Alarms and event management

R. Yes, it has this feature.

o Data analysis with trending historical and real time data

R. Currently, the trending historical real time data can be saved to Microsoft Access DB, with our report soluiton it can be printed, the other features can be full customized.

o Reports - Report generation features (import and export formats), email generation, SMS

R. We has report solution for HMI Solution, it will be very easy to add email support.

- Since the code is in VC++, will it be feasible to develop a web based solution?

R. If you use ActiveX Control, this web based solution is already exist, if you want to create your web player, it is also possible and easily. Some of our customers had done that before.

- Is OPC tag mapping supported? - Does the HMI solution support mapping of OPC tags such that field data can be easily acquired. Can you provide a list of drivers it supports for PLC connectivity

R. Currently, no OPC and PLC is supported, you need to that by yourself, but it will be very easy to connnect to our HMI Soluiton.

- The HMI currently runs in its own environment which is HMI Player. Will it be possible to integrate it with our own application. And will it mandate to develop our application only in VC++

R. Since all the complete source codes are shipped, I think it will be very easy.

- Are alarm and event management modules included in the source code

R. Yes.

- What report features are provided

R. Our HMI Report solution includes the features of print any data within any database, and it also supports to print HMI Screen. All the complete source codes are shipped, and all the features can be full customized.

Please feel free let me known if you have any more questions? Currently, we do have consulting services, you can learn it more with:

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The official version of the E-XD++ component library visual graphics solutions for enterprise version provides all the source code, click the button below to order from UCanCode :


1 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ CAD Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

2 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ HMI & SCADA Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

3 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ GIS SVG Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

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